Cover2Cover are the publishers of Tsotsi, which is on the DoE’s National Catalogue as the approved contemporary novel for Home Language Grade 11. This edition has been specially prepared for schools. Click for more . . . (Recommended retail price: R135)



Finders Keepers is on the DBE National Literature Catalogue as the approved contemporary novel for English First Additional Language Grade 10. Click for more . . . (Recommended retail price: R95)



Cover2Cover has just published FunDza’s 4th collection of popular short stories given Big Ups by FunDza fans. This anthology contains a wide array of exciting stories from crime to romance, horror to comedy. With identifiable characters and exciting plots, Big Ups! 4 makes reading interesting and fun. Click for more . . . (Recommended retail price: R75)



Soccer is the most important thing in Zinzi’s life and she is training for the upcoming inter-club tournament. But her school marks are dropping. When her mother insists she stops training and does extra lessons with the creepy Mr Mase, she’s terrified that she’ll be dropped from the team. Her sparring partner, Luyanda, knows that Zinzi is in deep trouble. But will she share her secret with him, and can he save her in time for the soccer tournament? Click for more. . . (Recommended retail price: R75)



Books can be ordered through On the Dot (direct.sales@onthedot.co.za or 021 918 8810). Booksellers can order the books through Xavier Nagel Agencies (xavier@xaviernagelagencies.co.za or 021 447 1225).

Readers can order through Loot

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