Zimkhitha Mlanzeli

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Zimkhitha Mlanzeli grew up in Port Elizabeth where she started studying engineering at NMMU, but decided that wasn’t where her passion lay. While working in a call centre, she discovered the FunDza Literacy Trust on Mxit, and, as a regular poetry writer, decided that she wanted to explore her writing more seriously and sent in her story which was published on the FunDza mobi site. She now works for FunDza in a full-time capacity mentoring other aspirant writers.

Book Categories: Cover2Cover, Harmony High Series
Book Type: Novel
Book Size: 175mm x 105mm
Language: English
Number of Pages: 144 pages
Year of Publication: 2014
RRP: R75
ISBN: 978-1-928346-83-8
E-ISBN: 978-0-9946627-7-4
Author: Zimkhitha Mlanzeli