Taking Chances

Sicelo Kula

Ta Siks wants to provide for his nephew Fundile – but on a cleaner’s salary there is no chance of that. That’s why he turns to the world of crime, and gets involved in the drug trade. Fundile does not suspect that his uncle is involved in a dangerous game, but his friend Sakhe is a different story … Sakhe has no problem with moving on from being a scorer with girls and on the soccer field, to being a drug merchant. When Nosiphiwo, a girl from Fundile’s past, arrives on the scene with a secret of her own, things start getting more complicated. Fundile realises – too late – that even their lives are in danger…

This is the tenth book in Cover2Cover’s Harmony High Series, which centres around the lives and real life choices facing a group of teens at Harmony High, a fictional township high school.

sicelo-kulaSicelo Kula completed an Undergraduate LLB degree at the University of the Western Cape at the end of 2015. He writes a blog, What’s Popping e-Kasi?, for FunDza Literary Trust. Taking Chances is his first novel, and it brings him one step closer to achieving his ultimate goal: creating tales that amaze and educate readers. He’s planning to write a number of short stories and two or three novels over the next few years, and to get more legal essays published.

Title: Taking Chances
Series: Harmony High
Author: Sicelo Kula
ISBN: 978-1-928346-05-0
Date: 2016
Layout: Portrait; 175mm x 105mm; Paperback
Pages: 144
Category: Fiction/Teen
Recommended retail price: R75

10th in the “Harmony High” series

I admire this teenage series for several reasons. They are well-designed with a good cover photo, short chapters, easy jazzy prose, an attractive font and pocket-size format. The stories are full of genuine South Africa: high school hazards, drugs, crooks, poverty, shattered families, uneasy or desperate friendships. But there’s another point. A reader quote states: “I like how the story depicts our reality; this is everything that we come across daily.” Old wrinklies like me don’t know about this kind of reality. So what is fun reading for teenagers is eye-opening for others. -Jay Heale, BOOKCHAT review

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