Two-faced Friends

Dorothy Dyer

Lelethu has always dreamed of the big city. She’s excited to arrive in Cape Town, but soon finds out that things are not as she imagined. Her aunt treats her like a servant and her cousin is unfriendly. So when a cool gang of girls invite her to join their group, she’s overjoyed. But what kind of friends are they really? Will she have to betray her beliefs to stay in their group? And, what will happen if she dares to cross them?

Dorothy DyerDorothy is an English teacher at LEAP Science and Maths School in Cape Town. Dorothy’s passion for getting her students to read more was the impetus for Cover2Cover. She discovered the dearth of relevant teen literature available and, through the encouragement of her students who loved the idea of reading stories that reflected their lives, decided to launch Cover2Cover. Besides having taught English at a range of schools, Dorothy has written many textbooks and school readers. She has a Masters from UCT in Applied Language and Literacy Studies, and is in the process of completing her Masters in Creative Writing, also through UCT.

Title: Two-faced friends
Author: Dorothy Dyer
: 9780987015044
Release date
: August 2012

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