Powers of the Knife

Bontle Senne

What if you discovered that you come from an ancient family of Shadow Chasers, with a duty to protect others from an evil Army of Shadows?

Nom is an outsider at school. When she and Zithembe become friends, life still seems ̶ well ̶ a little ordinary. But when an army of monsters threatens their world, it’s all up to the two of them … and the start of a journey into the dreamworld on a quest that will change their lives.

Powers of the Knife is the first book in the Shadow Chasers trilogy. It’s an African fantasy adventure ̶ one part family saga, one part hero’s quest.

Bontle SenneBontle Senne is a book blogger and literacy advocate. She wrote her first short story at 6 years old and her first book review at 9 years old. She hasn’t stopped writing ever. Bontle is a former managing director at the Puku Children’s Literature Foundation, a trustee of READ Educational Trust and a part owner of feminist trade publishing house Modjaji Books. She occasionally writes books reviews for the Sunday Times and even though it was a long time since she was 16, her favourite books are still books for teens. She has spoken around the world in Congo-Brazzaville, Germany, France and, of course, South Africa about African children’s books and reading.

Title: The Powers of the Knife
Series: Shadow Chasers
Author: Bontle Senne
ISBN: 978-0-9946744-5-6
Date: 2016
Layout: Portrait; 195mm deep x 125mm wide Paperback
Pages: 128
Format: Black and white illustrations
Category: Fiction/Children
Recommended retail price: R75

“Deliciously creepy, fast, fun and a blast to read. Get this for the reluctant reader in your life right now!”
Sarah Lotz, author of Day Four and The Three

“This exciting story needs to be swallowed at one gulp.” – Lesley Beake, Children’s Book network

Fascinating! Set in today’s world where the Trouble Gurlz reckon they rule the school and taxi drivers rule much of the rest, Nom has a magic knife which sets her (with her friend Zithembe) in opposition to the shadows. They come from the dreamworld where an army of monsters is waiting to break through. With the magic knife and some African magic, the two 12-year-olds find the first of the Shadow Chasers and start what is going to be a vital conflict. Short, agitated prose within a carefully limited vocabulary, this is strong scary stuff. Written for upper primary readers, with clear print, a few helpful drawings and an eye-catching cover. – Jay Heale, BOOKCHAT review



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