Jayne Bauling

Lunga is excited to join the Sandview Soccer Club. But he is disappointed when he is only selected for the D team – he knows his father will see this as a failure, especially as there are girls on the team and the coach is a woman. But the D team starts succeeding against all odds, and is invited to play in an open tournament. When bullies from other teams try to keep Lunga off the field, it is only his father who who can help to solve the situation. But will he?

This is the first book in Cover2Cover’s Soccer Seasons Series, about players and coaches in the fictional Sandview Soccer club.

Jayne Profile PhotoJayne Bauling is a prizewinning writer of many youth books, having won the 2012 Gold Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature, the 2011 Maskew Miller Longman literature award for novels in English and the 2009 Macmillan Writer’s Prize for Africa, amongst others. She is also the author of Soccer Secrets, the 9th book in Cover2Cover’s Harmony High series.

Title: Playmaker
Series: Soccer Season
Author: Jayne Bauling
ISBN: 978-1-928346-25-8
Date: 2016
Layout: Portrait; 175mm x 105mm; Paperback
Pages: 128
Recommended retail price: R75

Review by Jay Heale, Bookchat
The trouble about soccer stories is that there are only limited results: win, draw, lose. But put such a problem to an experienced writer like Jayne Bauling, backed by the Cover2Cover editorial team (plus David Spratt, soccer guru) and the result is a story about people, not merely goals. Although the cover pic suggests older players, we are following the mixed fortunes of an Under 17 mixed team. Yes, girls playing with the boys. To the embarrassment of at least one father. Our hero, Mondli has problems with stamina because of poor diet: he also lacks the requisite birth certificate. Does the best team win in the end? Of course! In a satisfyingly gulp-worthy game. One young reader called it “awesome”. I agree.

Thabiso Molekwa
“I think the book is fantastic and I loved it. It’s awesome and I think it could be one of my favourite series.”

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