Being a Woman in Cape Town

Nancy Richards, Carol du Toit

What’s it like being a woman in Cape Town? An organisation called WOMAN ZONE decided to find out. Over the course of a year they went to visit thirteen women in thirteen very different communities and invited them to tell their personal stories. They listened, they recorded and carefully transcribed what each woman had to say. In this book are those stories, a collection of women with ‘everyday lives’. They come from Steenberg/Muizenberg, Nyanga, Khayelitsha, Lavender Hill, Claremont, Manenberg, Pinelands, Wetton/Ottery, Plattekloof, Kuil’s River, Wynberg and Woodstock; and one who reflects on life in District Six, but now lives in Summergreens/Milnerton. To similarly empower other women, there is also a chapter on How to tell your story.


caroldutoit  Carol du Toit is a freelance copy editor and proofreader

Nancy-Richards  Nancy Richards is a freelance print and radio journalist and founder of WOMAN ZONE.


Published by Face2Face, an imprint of Cover2Cover books
ISBN: 9780994651624
Release Date: August 2015
Recommended retail price: R250


There are two WOMAN ZONE Women’s Walks in the Mother City. Included in the book is a list of some of the woman-focused destinations on these walks.

An initiative designed to bring together women from the cultural kaleidoscope of Cape Town, to share stories and experiences, work together and learn from one another. Its aim is also to highlight women’s achievements, not their role as victims.

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[The launch was] … inspirational for me  – and I am sure for many others to come. A landmark: both in spirit and in reality has been created that will surely take root and bear fruit. – Marina Petropoulos
I’m so moved by the concept, the caring-and-sharing, all the time and effort … and that it fits so beautifully with the wish to help, as Chris Anderson puts it, “reinvent the global campfire”. – Lyn Malan, Bendigo, Australia
Thank you for taking the time during this incredibly busy time for Woman Zone to send me a copy of the electronic book. I spent the day looking through it and am so proud of the work and the impact you all have had and that you continue to have. – Amanda Green


The photo shows ten of the 13 WOMEN from the book: 
Very top row (from left) co-editor Carol du Toit, designer Lorraine de Villiers, co-editor Nancy Richards
Top row: (from left) Maura Sanderoff, Chrsity Wheeler, Sylvia Gangat, Sandra Hill
Middle row: (from left) Hilda Mtshazi, Asanda Msutu, Lucinda Evans, Philippa kabala-Kagwa
Front: Bronwyn Heynes, Zaitoon Rabaney
Sadly missing from pic are remaining 3: Elise Fernandez, Vuyiseka Dubula and Nicolene Damons

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