Fordsburg Fighter

Amin Cajee as told to Terry Bell

When Amin Cajee left South Africa to join the liberation struggle he believed he had volunteered to serve a democratic movement dedicated to bringing down an oppressive and racist regime. Instead, he writes, in this powerful and courageous memoir, “I found myself serving a movement that was relentless in exercising power and riddled with corruption.” Fordsburg Fighter traces an extraordinary physical journey – from home in South Africa, to training in Czechoslovakia and the ANC’s Kongwa camp in Tanzania to England. The book is both a significant contribution to opening up the hidden history of exile, and a documentation of Cajee’s emotional odyssey from idealism to disillusionment.
In his introduction to the book, Paul Joseph, ex-treason trialist, South African Communist Party member and MK recruiter, writes:
”What happened to them and to the others in that chaotic and confused time is both sad and tragic. But his honestly told story is essential for us to have a fuller picture of our history, if only to ensure, perhaps, that future generations will learn from our mistakes.’


About the author: At age 19, along with his friend Omar Bhamjee, Cajee was one of the first two Indians recruited in South Africa, to train abroad as a fighter in the ANC’s military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK). Married for 43 years to Irish anti-apartheid activist Pat Shanks, he is a quietly religious and devoted father and grandfather and lives in London.

Journalist Terry Bell worked with Amin Cajee to finalise the manuscript. Bell is author of several books, including Unfinished Business: South Africa, Apartheid and Truth.

Title: Fordsburg Fighter

Author: Amin Cajee as told to Terry Bell

ISBN: 978-0-9946744-2-5

Date: 2016

Layout: Portrait; 234mm x 152mm; Paperback

Pages: 192

Category: Autobiography

Recommended retail price: R220

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