May I Have This Dance

Connie Manse Ngcaba

May I Have This Dance tells the courageous and moving story of Connie Manse Ngcaba, who grew up in the Eastern Cape, where she became a nurse, community figurehead and a leading voice of dissent against the apartheid regime. Her sense of justice and morality, and her compassion for those around her, brought her into frequent conflict with the government, culminating in her being detained for a year without trial at the age of 57.

It is also the story of the strength of family ties, and the triumph of Connie’s love for her husband and children.

Title: May I Have This Dance
Author:  Connie Manse Ngcaba
ISBN: 978-0-9922017-9-1
Recommended retail price: R95
Release date: April 2014

“This book embodies courage and strength, but it is ultimately about love. Love of family, love of community and love of country. MaNgcaba takes us on a journey spanning eight decades of her life, having to navigate through the difficulties of life in apartheid South Africa. She teaches us the spirit of giving, selflessness and self-worth. Written with great warmth and humour – it is a heartwarming read.”
– Siki Mgabadeli, radio and television journalist

“As accounts of South Africa’s long, difficult 20th Century proliferate, far too little space has been accorded to the women whose lives were lived at the intersection of the political, the domestic, and the personal. Connie Ngcaba helps us to correct that record in fine-grained detail, reminding us how important it is to listen to your grandmother.”
– Nic Dawes, former editor of the Mail&Guardian

“This true story of a girl from the rural Eastern Cape is beautiful and well-structured, with practical ideas on how to organise as an individual, family and community. A must-read for all nurses.”
– Ethel Attie Lesolang, retired nurse

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