Face2Face launches Being a woman in Cape Town: telling your story

Face2Face is happy to publish Being a Woman in Cape Town: telling your story, in collaboration with WOMAN ZONE (edited by Nancy Richards and Carol du Toit). The beautiful cover image is the ‘Harvest’ mural by faith47. The book came out of live storytelling sessions, where 13 ordinary – but inspirational – women told their stories to others. In this book are those stories, a collection of women with ‘everyday lives’. They come from all over Cape Town. There is also a chapter with storytelling tips by Ugandan-born storyteller Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa, for readers who’re inspired to try telling their own stories. The book has over 60 full colour photos and a map of two walking tours of Cape Town. Readers in Cape Town might want to try out the WOMEN ZONE walks: 1. The WOMAN ZONE Women’s Walk and Talk Route on Map My Way -https://mapmyway.co.za/placecategory/womans-walk-and-talk/ . Women are invited to walk as much or as little of this as they have time for, and are encouraged to walk in pairs or groups sharing their own experiences of Cape Town as they go. 2. The Being a woman in Cape Town Voice Map walk. It’s an app for which you sign up. https://voicemap.me/walk/cape-town/being-a-woman-in-cape-town-3 It takes about 30 mins over just over 2kms. What is WOMAN ZONE? An initiative designed to bring together women from the cultural kaleidoscope of Cape Town, to share stories and experiences, work together and learn from one another. Its aim is also to highlight women’s achievements, not their role as victims. NANCY RICHARDS is a freelance print and radio journalist and founder of WOMAN ZONE. CAROL DU TOIT is a freelance copy editor and proofreader