Night of the Red Moon

Author: Bontle Senne
ISBN: 978-1-928346-84-5

It’s a race against time for the Shadow Chasers. Led by the General, an army of monsters is intent on destroying this world. The Shadow Chasers have discovered that if they defeat the General on the Night of the Red Moon, her army will sleep forever. As the minutes tick by, and the moon turns blood red, the Shadow Chasers are joined by the ancient god/Kaggen. But the General is the fiercest and most dangerous warrior of all… are their combined forces going to be enough?

Book Categories: Cover2Cover, The Shadow Chasers Series
Book Type: Novel
Book Size: 195mm x 125mm
Language: English
Number of Pages: 110 pages
Year of Publication: 2019
RRP: R85
ISBN: 978-1-928346-84-5
E-ISBN: 978-1-928466-00-0
Author: Bontle Senne