Wanted Dead & Alive: The Case for South Africa’s Cattle

Author: Gregory Mthembu-Salter
ISBN: 978-1-928466-13-0

Given what we know about climate change, should we still be raising and eating cattle? And how do we weigh the cultural and economic value of cattle against their environmental impact? This engaging book brings history, science, economics and popular culture together in a timely discussion about whether current practices can be justified in a period of rapid climate change.

Journalist Gregory Mthembu-Salter first encountered South Africa’s love of cattle during his own lobola negotiations. The book traces his personal journey through kraals, rangelands and feedlots across South Africa to find out more about the national hunger for cattle. He takes a broad sweep – drawing on such diverse sources as politicians involved in land reform, history, braai-side interviews with cattle farmers and abattoir owners, conversations with his mother-in-law, and analysis of cutting-edge science.

Book Categories: Face2Face
Book Type: Non-fiction
Book Size: 234mm x 152mm
Language: English
Number of Pages: 184 pages
Year of Publication: 2019
RRP: R250
ISBN: 978-1-928466-13-0
Author: Gregory Mthembu-Salter