Wanted Dead & Alive: The Case for South Africa’s Cattle

Author: Gregory Mthembu-Salter
ISBN: 978-1-928466-13-0

Given what we know about climate change, should we still be raising and eating cattle? And how do we weigh the cultural and economic value of cattle against their environmental impact? This engaging book brings history, science, economics and popular culture together in a timely discussion about whether current practices can be justified in a period of rapid climate change.

Journalist Gregory Mthembu-Salter first encountered South Africa’s love of cattle during his own lobola negotiations. The book traces his personal journey through kraals, rangelands and feedlots across South Africa to find out more about the national hunger for cattle. He takes a broad sweep – drawing on such diverse sources as politicians involved in land reform, history, braai-side interviews with cattle farmers and abattoir owners, conversations with his mother-in-law, and analysis of cutting-edge science.

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Ubusuku Benyanga Ebomvu

ISBN: 978-1-928346-88-3
Author: Bontle Senne, translated by Sifiso Mzobe

ABazingeli Bezithunzi batholile ukuthi uma behlula uJikelele ngoBusuku Benyanga Embovu, iButho Lezithunzi lizolala ungunaphakade. Ngokuhamba kwemizuzu, njengoba inyanga iphenduka umbala obomvu, umoya wakudala obizwa ngo/Kaggen uhlangana nabo Abazingeli Bezithunzi. Kodwa uJikelele uyisosha elinengozi kunawo wonke…ngabe Abazingeli Bezithunzi Bahlangene no/Kaggen bazophumelela?

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Night of the Red Moon

Author: Bontle Senne
ISBN: 978-1-928346-84-5

It’s a race against time for the Shadow Chasers. Led by the General, an army of monsters is intent on destroying this world. The Shadow Chasers have discovered that if they defeat the General on the Night of the Red Moon, her army will sleep forever. As the minutes tick by, and the moon turns blood red, the Shadow Chasers are joined by the ancient god/Kaggen. But the General is the fiercest and most dangerous warrior of all… are their combined forces going to be enough?

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Heart of Stone

Author: Anathi Nyadu
ISBN: 978-1-928346-77-7

Khanyisile is devastated when his mother dies unexpectedly. When his father takes him from their Eastern Cape village to Cape Town, his life is turned upside down even more. At his new school, Harmony High, Khanyisile meets Given, who invites him to join the amaVura gang. But how far is he prepared to go to be part of them? And how does Given know Matchstix, the mysterious stranger his father takes him to meet in prison? When Khanyisile finds out the truth, it is almost too late for him to turn back from the dangerous path he has chosen …

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Game Plan

Author: Jayne Bauling
ISBN: 978-1-928346-59-3

Book 3 in the Soccer Season series. Ginelle is the captain of the Sandview D team and she is intent on winning, whatever it takes. But Ginelle’s leadership style does not bring out the best in her team, and when talent scouts come to view their game, Ginelle is forced to re-evaluate what winning really means.

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