Our Literacy Focus

We at Cover2Cover are passionate about getting teens and children reading.

We invite anyone interested in getting South Africa reading to explore our books. We’re confident that they’re helping to make a difference. See the box below for links to the book listings on this website.

Finding the right books

The key is finding books that persuade students that they can actually be readers, and that reading can be a pleasure!

Cover2Cover was created to do just this – to produce uniquely South African fiction for additional language users, that is accessible, interesting and relevant to readers’ lives.

It’s important to get the level right: before we publish a story for additional language users, it’s tested, so we know that the language level is suitable.

The books in the Cover2Cover series’ listed below are the perfect way to get teens reading.

Using our books for your literacy project

We suggest:

The Harmony High series: our first and flagship series of 10 titles, centred on the real-life issues facing teens at Harmony High, a fictional township high school.

The Soccer Season series: A sereis set in a soccer club, with a lower reading level, and all the same ingredients as Harmony High.

The Shadow Chasers series: An illustrated fantasy adventure series for kids from about 9 to 11 years.

Why reading for pleasure?

The importance of literacy is well-established, but new research into reading for pleasure is so important that we want everyone to know these facts (see right):

This research was done in the UK, but what it implies for us in South Africa is huge. It suggests that one of the most important things we can do to support children is encourage reading for pleasure. Reading fiction also allows readers to grow in empathy and understanding, as they are drawn in by characters, and walk in their shoes.

Here is a link to the referenced research, done by Dr Alice Sullivan and Matt Brown, for the UK Institute of Education.