girl on the edge

Author: Ruth Carneson
ISBN: 978-09946516-2-4

Face2Face books is proud to bring you Ruth Carneson’s memoir, girl on the edge. Ruth’s parents were prominent communists in the struggle against apartheid, and this is the honest, funny, at times heart-wrenching story of her childhood and adult life.

“I need to protect Mum and Dad to take on their pain, but I don’t know how to. I am not a hero like my Dad and my Mum. I am not as brave. The world is a threatening place…”

Ruth was four years old when her father was arrested for high treason and her world was turned upside-down. She grew up in constant fear of Special Branch policemen knocking on the door to arrest her mother or father, prominent South African communist. Ruth learned how to keep her mouth shut, to look out for microphones in the walls and to beware of friends who could betray her trust.

At fourteen, Ruth left South Africa, clutching her teddy bear in one hand and her drawings in the other. A plane to England carried her into exile, a new world where she struggled to reconstruct a life fractured by fear.

Book Categories: Face2Face
Book Type: Autobiography, Non-fiction
Book Size: 220mm x 140mm
Language: English
Number of Pages: 224 pages
Year of Publication: 2014
RRP: R95
ISBN: 978-09946516-2-4
E-ISBN: 978-0-9946516-8-6
Author: Ruth Carneson